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The Problem

Youth are not being taught important and innovative financial concepts needed for the future.

The current finance space for youth is...

What we do 👋

The Future of Learning

Connecting & Community

We foster an inclusive 100% online environment for youth to connect, learn, and share all things finance. Our communal approach to learning is optimal for growth and progression.

Regardless of your experience in the field, we promise impact 🚀

Accessible Opportunities

We have interactive panels and presentations from global leaders in the finance space. We hold community events such as debates, discussions and have our own native investment simulator for learners of all levels.

Oh, and it's all free by the way 💵


From FinTech to Investing, we discuss and provide relevant finance topics not taught in schools. Learn about buzzwords like blockchain and bitcoin, and explore these concepts today.

We have hands-on learning activities allowing for real-world experience and the application of knowledge 🧠

More About Us


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All of our events are fully online and free, including talks from people at companies like Tesla and Amazon and Investment Simulator Competitions.

Our goal is to have you walk away from every single event feeling inspired, passionate, and wanting more.

Our events


Listen to professionals in the industry talk about their experiences with innovative finance.


Discuss relavent and innovative topics with learners across the globe.


Engage and interact with top-tier University students, founders, pioneers and more.


Apply your skills in competitions like "Create Your own ICO" and our custom Investment Simulator.

Our Platform

Why We Chose Discord

Discord is a popular and casual community-based platform that allows for meaningful interactions. All of the learning, discussions, competitions (and memes) happen in the Discord! 

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