About Us

See how we are preparing youth for the next generation of finance.

Understanding the Problem

We recognize that a large portion of the high school curriculum will not be useful or relevant for the majority of youth in the future. Society is advancing more than ever, with technologies like blockchain and AI impacting our world, yet, schools struggle to keep up. They struggle with educating, engaging and preparing youth for our future. On top of that, learning about innovative finance topics on your own is difficult and boring. Parsing through complicated articles and videos can be demotivating. Learning about buzzwords like "bitcoin", "blockchain" and "investing" shouldn't be so hard.

Right now, youth have the time and ability to understand these innovative finance concepts that will power our future, they just don't have the adequate resources... yet.

Where we come in

Our goal is to create the future of learning by changing what is taught to youth and more importantly, how it's taught. Our mission is enable youth to be financially literate for the future through authentic experiences and an interactive community. Regardless of what youth choose to pursue in life, these are concepts that will impact all of our lives.

Our approach to learning is community-based, not top down teaching. We focus on discussion and application, not essays and tests. It's learning with a purpose, not because it's mandatory.

Our Values

Enabling curious minds

Learning as a community

Encouraging discussion & collaboration

Applying knowledge

Thinking outside the box

Making learning fun & accessible for all

Homework, grades, autocratic teaching

See for Yourself

If you're someone who has 0 finance knowledge, interested in learning about finance but don't know where to start, a finance pro, or even someone who just wants to expand their network, then press the button below. It's free and easy. (If you're looking for memes you can join too)


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