"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin

Our Take on Events

All NextGen events focus on application, impact and value. On top of our constant community discussions, prompts and interactions, our events take things to the next level.


All of our events are free and online, meaning anyone can join from anywhere.

Minimal Time Required

All of our events are not time-demanding, and can easily be done with other commitments on the go.


All of our events are carefully curated to bring the most impact in the most enjoyable experience.

Youth Targeted

All of our events are created by youth and meant for youth. We know what good and bad events are.

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Our 3 Pillars of Events

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An opportunity for youth interested in finance and fintech to learn from and interact with professionals working at some of the top companies in the world with amazing experiences and ideas. Leaders in the finance space give informative presentations, talk about their experiences and discuss innovative financial ideas.


An extremely interactive and audience-focused QnA with diverse panels ranging from university students to experts in the different industries. A time to ask questions and get real and immediate responses from some of the top talent in the world. 


Our Roundtable discussions induce interactivity and provide opportunities for people to exchange thoughts and opinions regarding finance-related topics. Participants will be able to receive a more broad and diverse understanding of the topic, learning new things from every discussion.


A team event in which participants choose sides in advance, confer with their teammates, and debate. An opportunity for productive conversation and exchange of ideas. Debate on current events, ethical controversies and more finance related topics.


A session that allows our community to compete to answer questions regarding selected topics out of our curriculum. This event will aim to induce interaction within our community and create an engaging environment while acting as a productive and fun learning session. Compete for prizes and bragging rights!

Investment Simulator

The investment simulator focuses on providing real-world investing experience by putting participants in a situation where they need to perform research on stocks and cryptos to gain insights, and then invest the ones they believe will increase their net worth by the most. Invest 24/7, collect daily rewards, and compete for personal growth, prizes and bragging rights. It is super easy to use, on our Discord, and ongoing throughout the whole year!

ICO Competition

In a team, develop a mock Initial Coin Offering for an innovative/unique cryptocurrency you come up with. Foster critical thinking skills, industry and application skills, and get feedback from professionals.

Shark Tank

Create and present your very own pitch for a startup idea to a set of "investors". Learn the answers to some key questions such as "what should be included in a pitch?" "how do you make your product and pitch standout?" "how do you ask for money?" and more. Gain real-world experience through exposure to parts of the process of creating a real startup. Participate in workshops that provide even more insight and guidance, and compete for real funding for your potentially new startup! 

Any of these sound interesting?

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